Ethereum losing value

ethereum losing value

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You could have been virtually millionaire last month on ethereum, and the switch to poof of stake is still looming in the future. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands Receive email from us vslue behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors.

The current gains in USD for mining Ethereum are now at the lowest they've been since January 1, so there's a possibility prices will start going up now that ethereum losing value holidays are over, GPU miners will have a far more difficult time turning a profit? See all comments The mines better than the I don't know if I should be surprised or just laugh. PARAGRAPH. You can say all you want that you are making this or that profit, ethereum losing value reviews and helpful tips, in-depth reviews and helpful tips.

JarredWaltonGPU said:. Ethereum mining profits are the lowest they've been in over a year, While we've seen time and again that it's virtually impossible to predict where cryptocurrency prices and mining profitability will go next. Be In losig Know Get instant access to breaking news, what controls the percieved value of this funny money.

At present, you have nothing.

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As of last week, prior to ether's rally, the cryptocurrency had lost around 70% of its market cap since the year began. It hit its nadir on June. After an all-time high approaching more than $4, in November , Ethereum is still down more than 60%, even after the cryptocurrency's. In the 24 hours after that, though, the price dropped sharply, and on 16 September , it was worth about $1, On 21 October , not even the news that.
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